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Takeshi Suzuki Goes For A Walk”

Tony Malone

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 – Tony Malone

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Takeshi Suzuki looked up from his newspaper and glared at his wife. His wife gave him a cold look in return, a stare honed by five years of marriage into a dagger sharper and harder than any knife could ever be, and walked over to comfort the source of his annoyance. His daughter had started bawling because her breakfast bowl had (somewhat mysteriously) ended up on the carpet of the small living area of the tiny two-bedroom apartment, the grains of rice slowly starting to stick to the surface and add to the stains of breakfasts past. The tears ran down her little cheeks as she wailed her frustration out, devastated by the unfairness of the universe (and cruelly betrayed by gravity). Her mother picked her up and, without saying a word to the man of the house, took her into the back bedroom, flicking the door closed behind her with a deft, practiced motion. The sound of crying lessened slightly, but Takeshi Suzuki could still hear sobbing from the other side of the thin dividing wall separating the living room and kitchen from the rest of the apartment. With a deep sigh, he folded up his newspaper, drained the last dregs of coffee from his cup and stood up to leave, picking up a few scattered belongings from the table (monthly pass, I.D. card, driver’s licence, credit card). After putting on his jacket and picking up his leather briefcase, battered and scratched with the scars of a thousand work days, he walked to the door and went to leave, calling out “I’ll see you later” as he opened the door. As expected, there was no reply.

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