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‘Oh no you don’t,’ Sally’s voice broke through my reverie as she ripped the covers off us. Not the best idea, seeing as we were both only wearing boxers and I, at least, was still sporting some of the evidence of our early morning make-out session. ‘Ew!’ she squeaked, throwing the duvet back on top of me as Conor laughed his ass off.

‘Serves you right,’ I mumbled, pulling them tightly around me.

‘Please tell me you just need to pee,’ she muttered.

‘Nope,’ I replied, popping the P, even though I knew it had been a rhetorical question.

‘Well you’ll have to take care of it yourself,’ Sally announced, then turned her attention to Conor. ‘We have breakfast plans.’

‘I think I could get a more protein-rich breakfast right here,’ he retorted.

‘With McKinney,’ she added.

‘Boo,’ Conor muttered, pulling the covers over our heads only to have them ripped back off again.

‘Suck it up,’ Sally berated him, then cringed immediately as Conor and I both snorted in laughter. Nevertheless she persevered, ‘You’re the one he wants to see anyway. There’s no point in the rest of us going if you’re not coming too.’

‘I’d be coming a lot more easily if I stayed here,’ Conor replied, blinking his big eyes at her innocently as I convulsed in laughter beside him.

‘It’s saying things like that that’s got us in trouble in the first place!’

Conor rolled his eyes and snuggled closer to me. ‘It’s not my fault,’ he complained. ‘Tyler corrupted me.’

‘You know, if McKinney does decide to drop us from the label today, you would make a great bullshit merchant,’ Sally snapped, and stalked back to her own bunk.

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