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By Isuru Abeysinghe

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Isuru Abeysinghe

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NOTE: [ With the advancement of quantum physics, there are widely held and acknowledged multiple universe theories that stem from findings within the field. You may want to read Stephen Hawking – A Grand Design for one such contemporary theory. This books deals with the formation of a theory that does not rely on quantum psychics to support a multiple universe scenario. It may be superseded by newer theories, however the fact that Newtonian physics alone can yield this result remains interesting, and this theory is delivered for your consideration. ]

What this document is about to explain is a theory of existence. It is a theory that is rooted fully in the scientific understandings of the modern day, both observational and mathematical. As with any theory, it can be disputed and as with all proper scientific mentality the issue of dispute does not disparage the author since a fair, open and accessible exchange of ideas is what science ultimately breeds.

The theory about to be detailed is most likely at odds with religious or theological ideology although it is certainly not completely contradictory to any basis of theological understanding. I will first admit that at this point that I personally am an atheist and this fact is very likely to be exposed through the nature of the argument being presented. My intention here is not to compel the reader into a particular form of belief, because such a objective is in my opinion of little value – there is no benefit for myself in making people believe in the same way as I do. I merely present these ideas for the scope of critical analysis and the enrichment of culture.

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