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Zombie Takeover

Published by Lauren Santos at Smashwords


The world isn't as it once was.

Buildings lay in ruins, houses are nothing but piles of rubble and the human population is being overrun by raving zombies. Raving zombies that were made as a science experiment for the government to try and create an army of super beings for war.

God were they wrong...

Everywhere you turn, people are fighting with one another for safety, for their own survival.

They fight over food, shelter, weapons and no where is safe.

If you're bitten... it's all over for you. If someone finds out, you're life is at its end right then and there.

Few places are safe and zombie free but the trek there is dangerous and few survive long enough to get there. Few make it without getting sick, or killed, or bitten. You must know where the place is, know how to get there on your own because no one would be willing to tell you and risk the safety and security of their only hope.

The government has somehow just disappeared in all of this, leaving the chaos to everyone else while they hide and cower because of their mistakes.

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