Welcome to the ninth anthology in Jake’s Monthly. This literary voyage through the best and the weirdest genres is now reaching towards its final stretch.

This month’s genre is Alternate History, a hard-hitting science fiction subgenre based entirely around worlds where history turned out differently. The submissions I received in the last two months were both original and unexpected, and I hope you enjoy them.

If you don’t want some general information for these stories, I’d advise you to skip this next section.

For Want of a Dollar is Michael Kechula’s contribution here, a story which carries his trademark Bizarro insanity. Fantasies can be made real, if you can stop your own assassination.

All Quiet is by Ross Baxter, and it weaves originality into an old but good plot.

Wild Geese Have the Sharpest Quills by John H. Dromey stretches Alternate History with a speculative historical tale of a man who never existed and the war he never won.

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