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Joshua Hicks

Copyright 2012 by Joshua Hicks

Smashwords Edition

How could it have been that we were so comfortable on are small planet? We didn’t know the secrets of the universe, and we didn’t care to find out. We were so happy in our ignorance. Then, one day, all of our innocence was taken away from us when the others came, and made us aware that we had never been alone. It happened four months ago, and I will never forget the events that took place.

For me it began on the drive home from work. It was sunny, with a few big, puffy clouds in the sky. The weather was warm. It was the middle of May. I was oblivious to all the normal miracles of the universe, like how gravity kept my car from carrying me off into the sky. Now, I’m more aware of such things that I used to take for granted. I’m more aware of the acid trip called reality.

For you to understand where I’m coming from, I should explain myself further. Visitors From Space isn’t just another piece of breaking news on your national television station. It is the acid trip that removes truth’s protective layers. It makes you aware of things like the flow of history, and the random occurrences that have taken place to create the world.

The automobile… My God, if the automobile had never been invented, what would the world have been like? If Henry Ford had never created the assembly line, just imagine the world. Would we still exist as small towns, relying on horse and buggy to supply our needs? Or would another man have came along, creating an entirely different system that we would be using today?

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