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Understanding Existence

Newton Fortuin

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Last updated: 28 December 2014

A Heavenly Gift

The endless night sky,
A window with a glimpse to a wonder beyond mortal sense or reason,
The Universe –
An expanse so vast,
It transcends the bounds of the most vivid imagination.

For me,
A traveller in this space,
It seems all imposing.
A mere quintessence of dust against infinity.

Is this infinite vastness as omnipotent as the night vision suggests,
Or merely mortars afloat in a sea of darkened emptiness?
Is this world some coincidence?
Some nebulous manifestation having evolved into an ordered system.

Or is it a masterpiece,
An assemblage of mass and energy in passionate harmony,
Created with care by the hands of a loving master?

If so,
Then who is this genius and how has She acquired this divine craft
applied to such precision?

Perhaps these answers would defy our very existence
Best kept under eternal darkness.

Be it as it may,
One thought is like a dawn ray of sun over an infinite horizon.
All heaven’s motions can have but one purpose,
That of conceiving life,
Organic intelligent life,
Life as we know it on earth.

For without it,
This world is doomed to an endlessly passive existence,
The debris of some meaningless cosmic explosion.

With life
The entire Universe gains life.
It gains colour, form and meaning.

Most certainly,
Only the living can herald its wonders abound
By traversing it with their infinite imagination.

So next,
When you gaze at that infinite sky,
Stand tall, reach out,
And accept your very own gift of life with grace and dignity.

But remember,
Only you can make it truly yours

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