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Tonight was Casey's first time babysitting for the Johnsons, and she wasn't enjoying it so far. Their pain in the ass son had cried until ten, screaming for his mommy and a bikkit, whatever that was, and when Casey finally got him to sleep she went downstairs to find the cable was out. She hadn't brought her laptop so she couldn't get online, and with nothing better to do she'd wandered up to bed.

The Johnsons were at a friend's wedding a couple of hours out of town, and they weren't sure if they'd make it home that night or book themselves into a hotel and drive back in the morning. In case they didn't return they'd asked Casey to sleep over in the guest room. No problem, she'd said. She'd be paid by the hour until they got home, and there's nothing better than being paid to sleep.

Right now, though, it didn't seem like such a sweet deal. She'd been staring at the ceiling for hours, and sleep didn't seem to be getting any closer. The mattress was far too firm, the pillows were cheap and small, and the bedding had that weird rarely-used guest room smell of laundry detergent plus time. The sheets were clean, sure, but they clearly hadn't been freshly laundered for months. The result was a sickly detergent smell, and it was giving Casey a headache.

God damn, it was hot, too. How can these people live like this? The thermostat was set well above toasty, and Casey could feel her t-shirt cling uncomfortably to her skin. She tugged it off angrily, the heat plunging her into a foul mood, and hurled it across the room into a pile of cardboard boxes that had once contained mail order exercise equipment that was, more than likely, gathering dust in the closet in the corner of the room. Well, there's nothing for it. Casey had a foolproof back up plan to send her into a deep slumber. She didn't feel all too comfortable doing it in a strange house, but it was either that or lay awake until morning.

Casey lay down, propped a couple of pillows behind her head and traced her hand down towards her taut stomach. Her fingers danced over her firm young breasts, feeling her long brown nipples stiffen at the lightest touch. A sheen of sweat sat on her skin, helping her right hand slide down her body.

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