Young Sasquatches in Love

by Sylvia Volk

Published by Sylvia Volk at Smashwords

Copyright Sylvia Volk 2012

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ISBN 978-1-927509-02-9

Nothing wrecked a vacation cottage worse than sasquatches. Pete’d always heard that, right up there with ‘nothing totals a car like creaming a werewolf on a country road’. Though with werewolf accidents, you might end up facing a murder charge along with the insurance hit. The Mythic Creatures Protection Bureau knew no mercy.

He stood in the driveway, howling into his phone—the reception was spotty this far into the mountains—shivering-wet with anger and disgust. And flop sweat, because it was Joy on the other end, and like the MCPB, Joy could be merciless. Joy wasn’t shy about speaking out, Joy didn’t waffle or mince. All admirable career qualities and they served her well—yes, he couldn’t help but be proud—but take her outside her native boardroom, and she didn’t know how to tune it down. Joy in her woman-of-surgical-steel mode could flay with words.

“Yeah, I know you said I should drive up every week to check on the place. Or hire someone. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.” All his fault, the absolute truth. Victim of reckless wild hopes, he’d imagined bringing Joy with him, nights spent snuggling under a shared afghan while winter winds moaned outside. Long, sweet weekends of joy with Joy. But she’d never found the time, and he hadn’t had the heart to come up alone. Fool that he’d been.

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