Why shouldn’t I have my vengeance?”

Jason took Trish’s hand so he would not lose track of her as they ran out of the building. Anna rushed out the back door ahead of them, but as they exited, Jason stopped fast and Trish crashed into him.

Anna was already in the rear parking lot, which was now covered with thick, swirling, rapidly growing cables of grass and creeping ground cover. She had resumed her pose from the elevator, turning slowly around with her face turned up to the sky. Another dramatic change occurred: her skin took on a healthy colour, as if she were instantly soaking up the sunshine.

Oh my god,” Trish said, pointing to the writhing tendrils of green climbing up the building’s walls. The sea of growth extended to the tree lines of the property on all sides, and possibly beyond.

Anna turned to them again as she stood amongst her handiwork, arms still outstretched. “If only Dr. Steele was here, what a gift I’d have for her!” she intoned, the malicious grin returning. “Shall I show them all what it’s like to suffer and beg for death?”

No!” Jason cried, leaping off the little landing and running toward Anna. But as fast as he was, he didn’t get to her before she crouched to touch the ground. The green beneath him rose and encircled his legs, making him stumble forward, just out of reach of her.

Oh god!” Trish cried again, gripping the doorframe as the entire building lurched. Screams echoed from within.

Anna closed her eyes and the growth increased, wrapping the building entirely, making it groan and causing several windows to shatter out of their frames. Her smile shifted from malice to ecstasy.

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