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Love You, Daddy

by L.A. Tripp

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 L.A. Tripp and Page Turners Publishing, LLC

“They wanna lock you up, Mr. Dunaway.”

That’s what the law man told my mommy and daddy when they were all sitting at the law man’s table. His helper was writing a bunch of stuff down while the man was talking. The law guy kept tapping a brown envelope on the table while looking into my daddy’s eyes.

“Is that what you want?” the law man asked Daddy.

“No, sir. I have no problem supporting my kids. I just need the means to do so,” Daddy told him.

I’m only seven years old, but even I can kind of understand how hard things have been for Mommy and Daddy. Why can’t others understand that too?

Daddy has had to go to this big building with a big room that has lots of seats in it many times. He calls it “court”. They have told Daddy many things that have made him cry when he leaves the room. One man he called a “judge” even told Daddy that he couldn’t have any more kids. How could they tell him that I couldn’t have any more brothers or sisters? That’s just not right.

“The legal system needs to be fixed!” I hear Daddy telling Grandma over the phone. I agree with him whatever that means! That’s why Daddy and Mommy is at the law man’s office get the system fixed...I think.

Wait. Let me start over. Daddy has to pay money each month to my two other brothers’ mommy. He has to do this because they don’t live with us. So he sends their mommy money so she can buy them food, clothes, and lots of toys. I wish they could live with us so they could play with my toys. I love it when they get to visit. We always have fun, but they don’t ever get to stay long because their mommy won’t let them. They always cry when they have to leave. I don’t understand why their mommy won’t let them live with us and Daddy. Daddy can be fun when he’s not working.

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