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When the object of our affection turns out to be a monster, how far are we willing to go to justify the monstrous behavior? In Zeke, Wodke Hawkinson explored that question to its furthest horrific outcome, and that outcome is not pretty or comfortable; but it is absolutely captivating.

~Michael K. Rose

The powerful writing of Wodke Hawkinson is addictive and enthralling. Brought into their world by the novel Betrayed, I was amazed at their innate ability to realize and describe harsh, harrowing, and brutal scenes. The book had me turning pages faster than lightening. It also unleashed a new understanding of my voyeuristic nature. Zeke, their latest outing, proved no different. ~Douglas Wickard 



You may find yourself yelling at Sue, “Sue! He’s a bad guy - run from him as fast as you can!” But Sue is already brainwashed. This book will stay with you for days. Pass it on to all the single women in your life. This should serve as a warning. There are many “Zekes” out there, just waiting… ~Kathleen Patel


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