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Jeannie has inspired me for years with her radiant spirit of positive thinking, her amazing creativity and talent, and ability to help others nurture their own creative spark. A true healer, Jeannie's insights and skills go deep and she is generous beyond belief in sharing her gifts to be there for you at every step. She glows with profound beauty inside and out, and knows how to help you shine too!”
~Anne Doris-Eisner, Artist & Teacher

Jeannie is a genie when it comes to creativity! Not only in the way she so expertly guides us to the great, beautiful truth that we’re all creative or that she shares twenty years teaching and a life time of being an artist herself, but Jeannie knows what it takes to keep going, to face fear and self doubt, to remove creative blocks, to fully support yourself - and she shares her knowledge with a warmth of spirit and generosity such as I’ve seldom encountered. It’s one thing to have an idea of how you’d like your life to look, creatively speaking, and it’s another to see it through. Jeannie is simply fabulous!”
~Lisa Fernyhough, Author & Poet

Jeannie Thomma is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Her creative spark cannot be measured, nor can her generous heart be described with adequate words.  She has supported me in many creative endeavors, aided in my growth as a person and as an artist, guided me to share my story and has been a beacon of light in some of my most difficult moments.  She is truly a gift to the universe and her work in this world will no doubt have a lasting impact on anyone who is lucky enough to experience it.”
~Jennifer Mazzucco, Bhakti Artist & Educator

Brave Artist: Getting the Work Done

Jeannie Thomma

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