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Jess is both pleased and surprised to find her best friend Jake at her door, fresh from his latest assignment as a world-travelling photojournalist. Jake arrives at what seems the perfect time for Jess: she’s been jilted by her fiancé and is left lonely and confused. Jake is looking for a temporary place to stay and asks Jess to put him up for a few days.

But Jake has an ulterior motive for his request: he’s planning to win Jess over, to take their relationship one step further past friendship into a real relationship.

He’s not sure how to go about this plan, other than just showing up at Jess’s door. But things take a surprising turn when they both discover a new facet to their relationship, a sexual tension neither of them ever felt before, a tension impossible for either of them to ignore.

One Step Further

By Susan Stahls

Copyright Susan Stahls 2012

Published by Xplicit Press Publishing at Smashwords

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Copyright © 2012 by Susan Stahls Published by Xplicit Press Publishing at Smashwords. All rights reserved worldwide.

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