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Animal Adventures By Kimberly Morin

Copyright Kimberly Morin 7-2-2010 Smashwords Edition

Touille’s Rescue

My life began not so great, and I thought for sure I would be bait. With enemies all around me and no place to call home, I sat in my cold dark room as I felt so alone. I thought my life was over though it had just begun and then an Angel saved me for I was the lucky one! A home at last with so much love, this was a sign from up above. I count my blessings every night and pray because it feels so right. To all the children, this message is for you; never give up hope and believe in one thing, you! When you believe you can reach for the stars and your dreams will come true for no hope is too far. I’ll be your guide whenever you are down, for I will change your little frown and turn it upside down. Remember my tale and my rescue so true, for my Angel has taught me that I am special too. Each and every one is a special living being who has a way of standing out and giving life meaning! My happy ending will live on in this pet rat’s tale for if you wish upon a star another might prevail!

Getting a Pet Rat

It is very important to become completely educated and knowledgeable about pet rats before the decision is made on getting one. As with any pet, rats are living creatures that require proper care, time and money and should not be adopted on impulse. Reading books on pet rats will help you better understand the rat's social behavior and the necessities he or she will need. Rats are social creatures in general and thrive on human interaction. Keep in mind that rats are nocturnal animals as they sleep most of the day and are awake most of the night. Pet rats are friendly creatures that enjoy time out of their cage. With the understanding and intention of spending quality time and devotion with your pet rat, he or she will bring such wonderful joy to one's life. Preparation is the key factor prior to bringing your pet rat home. Having your pet rat's cage set up properly prior to his/her arrival, will make the transition move more smoothly. Once everything is set in place, the timing will be appropriate for you to choose your new pet rat. Choosing the perfect pet rat is quite simple. There are a few things in particular to look for before your decision is made. Avoid a rat with runny eyes and nose and always make sure they are completely weaned from their mother. Whether you choose a pet rat from a breeder, pet store or animal shelter, do your homework. By doing your homework you will discover what you prefer as well as getting a healthy, quality pet rat. Investigate the rats living conditions, talk to other rat lovers and gain as much valuable information on the best possible source to adopt your new best friend! Please visit your local animal shelter first as many people purchase these innocent living beings on impulse and then realize they don't have the time for them. Giving up, most people take them to an animal shelter. Adopting an animal is a life long commitment and they should be treated how we as humans want to be treated. If you can't find your furry friend at the shelter, I then suggest you search for a pet rat breeder in your area. Take your time and search for the perfect breeder that raises healthy, quality and friendly pet rats. Some pet stores tend to have poor quality rats for sale in which the living conditions are not very clean. There are various pet stores that do have better quality pet rats for sale; however it's just a matter of knowing what you are looking for. These guidelines will help you on your way to finding the perfect new furry friend. Understanding these tips will enable you to know what you are looking for in a pet rat and choosing the pet rat that is perfect for you!

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