Desert Empress of Deimos

Tara Loughead

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Tara Loughead

For Leigh Brackett

The Martian Moon War, Part Two

"Diving into that space wreck has cost us quite a lot of time, Bulays."

"Tell me about it. That projectile vomiting matron who couldn't handle the zero-G wasn't much fun, either."

"Yes, it appears you have a talent for attracting the nasty green stuff," grinned Ghaavn. He turned his attention to his headset communicator. "How long until we reach Deimos, Captain?"

"About 20 minutes until you'll be in shuttle range, Ghaavn. So get your gear together and get down there," answered Buck. "Lady G asked me to tell you that she has cleared things with Dahminike. You shouldn't have any amateur lion taming to do on this trip." She chuckled, then cut the communication.


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