by Tom Dillon

A Horizon Station Story

Copyright 2012 Tom Dillon

Smashwords Edition

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Guild Ship Arton


Zero had once been told that when all you have is a spanner, everything looks like a bolt. It hadn’t taken him long to figure out that it works the same way with a gun. When you’re looking at things through the weapon’s Augmented Reality system, your brain begins to classify everyone as either friend or foe. Whether it was a feature of the human brain or some feat of psychological engineering designed into the AR system, Zero wasn’t sure, and supposed it didn’t matter.

“Remember, whatever’s waiting for us in there, violence is an option, but it is the last option,” Skip said. It didn’t sound any more convincing now than it had when he had first signed on, six years and more than a hundred missions ago, but along with a well-edited version of the recordings it would save their asses should they find ourselves the target of some witch hunt.

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