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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: “Homebirth through a Mother’s Eyes” by Mary Kury

Chapter 2: “Enoch’s Home Waterbirth after Four C-sections” by April Bailey

Chapter 3: “Father’s Experience of Birth” by Ervin Beachy

Chapter 4: “A Midwife’s Gift: Olivia’s Birth Story” by Laura Thompson Shive

Chapter 5: “Selah’s Beginnings” by Ian Penwell

Chapter 6: “Caleb’s Birth” by Nikki Dauphin

Chapter 7: “Husband-Assisted Homebirth” by John Paul

Chapter 8: “There and VBAC Again” by Kelcey Boyce

Chapter 9: “The Waterbirth of Maggie Cate” by Traci Coburn

Chapter 10: “Footling Breech: A Midwife’s Own Birth Story” by Veronica Wagner

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