Chapter 11: “Late in the Game” by Kelly Martin

Chapter 12: “Six Days, Two Healthy Babies, One Extraordinary Birth” by Lana Shlafer

Chapter 13: “Touched a Nerve” by Linda Magid

Chapter 14: “‘Home Away from Home’ Birth” by Krista Cornish Scott

Chapter 15: “From Fear to Peace: Jeremy’s Birth Story” by Sarah David

Chapter 16: “The System That Worked” by Jenna Hull

Chapter 17: “The Perfect Mantra” by Kristin Love Nemzer

Chapter 18: “Pascual’s Beautiful Home Waterbirth in Malaysia” by Vanessa Beyer

Chapter 19: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by Michelle Vlad

Chapter 20: “Faith’s Birth: An Amazing Blessing” by Christa Bartley

Chapter 21: “The Power of Story” by Sister MorningStar



Homebirth through a Mother’s Eyes

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