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By Ashley Esses

Copyright 2012 Ashley Esses

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents


Ka and Rachel's Story - Part I

Idalia and Mardil's Story - Part I

Idalia and Mardil's Story - Part II

Kerasti and Brian's Story

Idalia and Mardil's Story - Part III

Ka and Rachel's Story - Part II


Ka and Rachel’s Story – Part I

Gold, White, and Teal. The words still rang through Ka’s ears. With those colors came a responsibility he could never have imagined when he had first met Idalia, a knight of the Fortress, three years ago. When he heard those words come from his mentor, Kerasti, just over a month ago, the responsibility on him as a knight finally settled. For some, like his current companion, Mardil, Everything was easy, and being a knight was natural. For him, though, being a knight meant every day represented a new challenge. Today was no exception.

“You’d be better off just answering the question,” Mardil told the burly man across from them. They were in a bar, looking for a woman who was recently widowed. A guest at the Fortress had told them she was here and had asked them to help her. Ka wasn’t sure what they could do, but they came anyway.

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