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The Ring on Her Finger

Elizabeth Bevarly

Copyright 2002 Elizabeth Bevarly

All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

When four police cars roared up to the Wemberley estate, their lights tumbling and sirens wailing, Lucinda Hollander was gazing out the window, wishing something exciting would happen at Babs and Barclay’s annual Endsummer Night’s Dream masque. Mission accomplished. Even better, lots police officers armed with lots of guns began to pour out of those cars, giving her something to focus on besides the conversation around her—a hundred and fifty adults dressed as enchanted woodland creatures had nothing on real police officers wielding real guns.

She turned away from the massive Palladian window in the massive Wemberley ballroom to remark upon the new development to her mother and older sister, only to find that they were, as always, already affixed to her sides. It was a common practice for Francesca and Antoinetta Hollander to stay close. They always feared Lucinda would say or do something at a function like this to defame, dishonor, and/or disgrace the Hollander name throughout Newport, Rhode Island. Not that Lucinda had ever done any of those things. But Francesca and Antoinetta—and Lucinda’s father and older brother, for that matter—always wanted to make sure, just in case. Sure enough, there stood Richard and Emory Hollander not a half dozen steps away.

Lucinda hesitated before speaking, since her mother and sister were currently chatting up Mimi Van Meter, the wife of one of her father’s executive VPs, and she didn’t want to be rude. Until she realized her mother and sister were talking about their favorite topic: Why Lucinda Hollander Is an Underachiever. They always had to be sure everyone in Newport understood that they were aware of the fact that Lucinda Is an Underachiever, but they also wanted to make sure everyone knew that the Hollanders were Not to Blame.

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