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Yes, Dear Master: Volume 1

by Ivy Matthews


Copyright © Ivy Matthews 2012

I was only eighteen years old when I started working for Mr. Davis. Even for eighteen, I was developed far beyond any of the girls in my graduating class; I had bigger breasts, wider hips, and I had no trouble getting into clubs despite being underage. Once I’d even been mistaken for being twenty six. I couldn’t help but mention it from time to time, and it always drove the so-called popular girls a little bit crazy.

I had always been quiet and shy, keeping to myself through most of high school. I’d let too many people in in the past, and by the time graduation came around I’d started to regret trusting anyone.

This had left me with few friends and even fewer boyfriends. It wasn’t that I hadn’t been pursued, but I think I just started having some kind of inferiority complex. I acted out and dressed in weird clothing and somehow did my best to drive men away. I guess feeling like you’re not good enough generally makes other people feel the same way about you.

I got the job at the bookstore because Mr. Davis himself had just come up and offered it to me. It happened one day, around a week after graduation, while I’d been browsing the fantasy section; I’ve always been a sucker for the steamy contemporary stuff, the hotter the better.

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