Feng-Shui 3


The Art of Feng-Shui

Feng-shui (pronounced ‘foong-shway’) is the ancient Chinese art of harnessing the heavens and the earth to bring health, wealth, and good fortune by tuning in to the environment, seasonal changes, tides, and vibrations of nature.

The principles of feng-shui are designed to alter your environment, your home, and your heart, so that you feel at peace with yourself and the universe, and therefore able to use those changes in the tides of fortune that ceaselessly churn through your life to your best advantage.

Famous believers

The practice of feng-shui dates back thousands of years but it is still used by many of the rich and famous who would not give it a second glance it they thought it was simply an ancient superstition. Even one of the most successful banks in the world today, the HSBC Group which owns the Midland Bank in the UK and has gone from strength to strength, had its head offices designed with advice from a feng-shui practitioner.

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