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What Trainers Are Saying about Riding Fear Free

Normally, I don’t read books like Riding Fear Free. It’s not that I haven’t had fear issues with riding, but I'm just not into self-help books. Once I started reading Riding Fear Free, I found that I didn’t want to put it down! I was enlightened by the process, and it gave me new insight to what my clients go through. I have already incorporated some of the ideas in dealing with fearful clients. This book has amazing potential to help many people.

Raye Lochert, Trainer, Raye Lochert Horsemanship

Riding Fear Free is a valuable resource for any horse owner. After reading Riding Fear Free…, I have a newfound respect for what [fearful riders] were going through. Riding Fear Free has given me the knowledge I need to patiently and respectfully help others become fear free.

Josh Rushing, Professional Horsemen, 2010 EXCA World Champion

Riding Fear Free is going to help so many people to overcome their fear and to not feel so alone. This book will help them.

Brandi Lyons, Trainer, No Limits Horsemanship

The science behind [Riding Fear Free]…made addressing the fear as an issue itself as legitimate and important as what I always thought of as the “real” lesson. This is required reading for any instructor.

Blaine Rankin, Level 4 CHA Certified Instructor

[Riding Fear Free] helped me to see my students in a new and hopefully, a more empowering way.

Kim Robatille, Trainer, Two Minds One Ride

I recommended [Riding Fear Free] to one of my clients, and she got a lot out of it.

Charles Wilhelm, Trainer, Charles Wilhelm Training Center

[Riding Fear Free] is the book I’ve been waiting for—without even knowing it. Trying to help riders with fears I often didn’t understand was frustrating. And there just wasn’t much help out there for fearful riders or those working with them—until now. These authors truly understand the various types of fear and most importantly commonsense, simple ways to fix them

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