A Pillar of Suport

Memories of a Support Worker.’


Robert Panton

Author of ‘Memories of a Mental Nurse.’

Copyright 2012 Robert Panton

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Why is there a need for support workers?

For years we have had, in the community, district nurses and we still have them. We also had home helps at one time, but they seem to have been phased out everywhere, as far as I am aware. But the support worker for those suffering from mental health problems is a relatively recent addition to our communities, coming into being after the large mental hospitals were forced to close down.

In times gone by those suffering from mental health issues were usually looked after in large institutions, originally known as asylums. Then, as we became more ‘civilised,’ these places were called hospitals.

It wasn’t only the long term mentally ill that were housed there, but people who suffered from dementia were usually placed in those institutions as well, often because their loved ones were unable to cope due to there being a lack of support in the community.

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