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Is this some kind of joke?”

Gabby looked up from the magazine she was reading, a bit startled because she hadn’t heard him come in. She was going to have to get one of those bells for the door.

Excuse me sir?”

I said, is this some kind of joke? The name of this place is Vampire Tanning?” He looked young, around seventeen, and was probably very popular with the girls, the way his smoldering blue eyes peeked out from his long blond hair.

I can assure you sir, it’s not a joke,” she said, giving him her best innocent look.

What kind of dumb ass vampire would get a tan?” he asked.

Dumb ass vampires like you, she thought, but said, “Oh, it’s all the rage. It started in Europe last summer, and is spreading like wildfire. All the hottest vampires are getting them.” She had to smirk at her choice of words.

He was beginning to look confused. That was good, and fairly typical. Vampires were known for their handsome looks and their ability to seduce young women, but they didn’t fare too well on IQ tests. That’s why, despite their advanced ages, they liked to hang out in high schools with vapid teenage girls. Made them feel smart.

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