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The last place Greg Finch wanted to be was at a masquerade ball. And the last thing he expected to happen at such a boring event did; he was whisked away for a highly erotic sexual encounter with a mysterious masked woman. But when Greg tries to locate the woman, he finds she’s left the ball.

Greg tracks down this mystery woman, learning her name is Cassandra Holland. Again he’s taken on a wild sexual ride, this time over the phone. Greg is totally out of his league with Cassandra but he’s also strongly attracted to her on many levels. Their next meeting takes him to her apartment, high above the city, where she again rocks his world.

Finding himself falling in love with Cassandra, Greg pays a surprise visit to her apartment. But he’s shocked to see her; dressed in the silk robe he’d last seen her in after their night of passion, kissing a strange man. Greg confronts Cassandra, who coolly explains her strategy with men: she’s the hunter and they’re the prey. Sorry he didn’t understand. Simple as that, nothing more complicated. Or is it?

Love’s Masquerade

By Susan Stahls

Copyright Susan Stahls 2012

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