When Marcia Grey and her husband Danny decide to take a trip to the beautiful island of Saint Lucia to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary, they have no idea if this trip will help repair or damage their already rocky relationship. The island is simply beautiful and the hotel is exquisite. Everything is going better than Marcia anticipated until Danny receives a call from his secretary.

"You're all the way in Saint Lucia; I don't understand why you two need to speak to each other. She's not your WIFE, Danny!" Marcia shrieks.

Their marriage had had its ups and downs, but the situation got worse when Danny hired a 23 year old secretary, named Evelyn. Danny and his secretary would spend hours on the phone every day, they went to dinners together, he would go to her family events, and she would attend his.

Marcia cannot believe that the only time she got with her husband without any disruption it was now being interrupted by Evelyn. She leaves the room, in a rage, knowing deep down inside that her husband is having an affair with his secretary. As she is sitting at the pool crying, her thoughts are interrupted by this gorgeous well-built man, who emerges out of the water. At that moment, for the first time in Marcia’s life, she completely forgets about the drama going on and decides to do something wild and exciting. She smiles as she begins to feel the island sensations running through her veins.Island Sensations

Island Sensations

By Shala Breece

Copyright Shala Breece 2012

Published by Xplicit Press Publishing at Smashwords

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Copyright © 2012 by Shala Breece Published by Xplicit Press Publishing at Smashwords. All rights reserved worldwide.

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