This is an experiment. The relentless Mark Coker -- He Who Rules Smashwords -- dared me to publish something. I don't want to put my fiction here (yet). But I did want to try the Smashwords publication method. I decided to take three very popular posts from my old blog -- Mike Cane 2008 -- and edit them into one "eReprint."

These posts were originally published on October 3, 4, and 10, 2008,

Sony Reader PRS-700

On October 2, 2008, Sony held a press event at the Library Hotel in New York City for a third model of its successful Sony Reader.

I was there.

Before I arrived, I made a point to stop at DataVision to see the Sony Reader Revolution promotion in full-tilt action. This is speed-reading memory expert Dave Farrow, sitting in DataVision’s window:

I wouldn’t use this next one at all except it provides an interesting statistic:

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