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The owner and baker at Cake Queen’s Confectionary has spent a lot of time at her business working alone, but when she hires attractive Tom to help her out around the place, not only does her production in the kitchen go up, but also her production in the bedroom. Tom becomes her boyfriend and the two of them can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other while working.

The bakery is open, but the couple has reached the morning-dull. Not a customer in sight, they decide to do a little more than frost cupcakes. Things start to get exciting, but out of nowhere Andrea, a regular customer, walks in looking for a treat to cheer her up. Even though Tom is in the owner’s mouth behind the counter, Tom tries to play it off and act professional with the customer. When Andrea starts to hear noises behind the counter, she nosily looks and catches the owner and Tom in the act. Embarrassed the couple says that they’ll make it up to her. But they’re thinking in the terms of confections and Andrea is thinking about something even more hot and delicious than a slice of pie.


By Melisa Poche

Copyright Melisa Poche 2012

Published by Xplicit Press Publishing at Smashwords

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