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Mia Dahl and Iani Bell are anything but the sweet, simple nineteen year-olds they seem. They appear to be just like any attractive girl at a college bar. They are also on a hunt for men, but in a different way than other girls their age. Like all Were royalty, every month they are driven to give in to their primal natures and turn. Before they turn, they want to fulfil their sexual appetites. They have decided to select are college juniors Reb James and Stefan Gray. They don’t waste a lot of time selecting who goes with whom, both girls find both men attractive and it doesn’t matter who pairs up, the girls will wipe their memories clear after they have had them both. They don’t expect to have a difficult time convincing them to helping them satisfy their primal needs before they change. Every meal is as important as the one the month before.

Full Moon

By Candra Aubrey

Copyright Candra Aubrey 2012

Published by Xplicit Press Publishing at Smashwords

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Copyright © 2012 by Candra AubreyPublished by Xplicit Press Publishing at Smashwords. All rights reserved worldwide.

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They could feel its pull even as they circled the dance floor, the clear, primal call to shift and kill and eat. Like the rest of their kind, wolf and leopard alike, they knew the only way to stave off the hunger for blood was to convert it to another type of hunger. And so, each time the moon reached its fullest, the Weres would prowl the nearby cities, searching for a different kind of prey. Those who had mated would disappear into the hills and forests first, not needing to find a partner. The rest, once they had sated their lust, would join their respective packs for the change.

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