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Beneath The Shining Mountains

vibrant, funny, poignant…

“Lover? I have no lover! I am chaste. There’s not a man alive who can entice me.”

Moon Hawk is playing a dangerous game. Her heart is set on Winter Man, but why would a man with so many lovers want to take a wife?

Challenging his virility captures Winter Man’s attention, but in a village of skin tipis where every word is overheard their escalating game of tease and spar soon spirals beyond control, threatening Moon Hawk and her family with ridicule and shame. Is this Winter Man’s intention? Or are they both dancing to another’s tune?

From buffalo hunting to horse raiding, this is a story of honor among rival warrior societies, and one woman's determination to wed the man of her dreams.

takes the reader into the world of the Apsaroke. I loved learning about their customs and rich culture, and seeing the land through their eyes. It’s an epic, heroic world where wealth is measured in horses… I was enthralled throughout…

Classic Romance Revival

the story mesmerized me, with its rich detail and

strong emotions…

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