The Marriage Counselors

©Raminar Dixon, 2011

This work features erotic depictions of explicit sex between consensual adults and is intended for a mature audience. All characters are fictional and any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Chapter One

Sharon sat at her desk with her head cradled in both hands. The office buzzed around her with activity, workers going here and there, carrying important documents or heading to meetings. Her head was pounding with yet another migraine, brought on once again by her stressful, crumbling relationship with her husband. Her associate and friend, Rhonda, was on her way to the quarterly sales meeting when she saw Sharon hunched over the desk, obviously distraught.

“Sharon? Are you ok?” Rhonda asked, walking over and placing her hand gingerly on Sharon’s shoulder.

Sharon shook her head in the negative and proceeded to blow her nose into the large wad of tissues she held balled-up in her hand. Her short blonde hair was mussed and little wet droplets had fallen across her lap and soaked into her conservative, full-length burgundy dress.

“What’s wrong, girl? Richard problems again?”

“Yes,” Sharon managed to spurt out, wiping her nose again and sniffling. “He’s determined to destroy our relationship!”

Rhonda smoothed down the sides of her tight, jet-black skirt and placed her briefcase on the floor. Her ample cleavage threatened to spill out of her barely buttoned work shirt, but she paid it no mind as she looked over at her friend’s tear-stained face and ruined makeup. She squeezed Sharon’s shoulder gently, then bent down beside her and patted her comfortingly on the back.

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