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Let us start with the Universe:

In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth; Heaven being the Universe and Earth being our little corner of the Universe. According to ancient Jewish scriptures, God’s unspoken name is YAHWEH. (commonly pronounced: Ya-weigh) In the ancient Hebrew language they did not use vowels like we do, so YAHWEH was spelled YHVH. The V and W is the same letter. YHVH in Hebrew was the chemical equivalent to: Y=Hydrogen, H=Nitrogen, V-Oxygen and H=Nitrogen. So, Gods name is the same as the makeup of the Universe. All things in the Universe are a combination of Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen; Nitrogen being the dominant element. Now, in the 21Century, we are capable of detecting the DNA of the Human Body. Guess what we are made of? Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon. It seems that I remember a story in the Bible that went something like this: “…and God took a handful of dust (Carbon) and made man and then “God breathed into man, Gods living soul.” So, to me, this means that we are God experiencing a physical life.


Let me say that again…”We are God experiencing a physical life.”

Now, think about all the confusing information we have been taught over the years by all the organized religions. They have tried to explain our relationship with God. But, if we are God experiencing life in physical form, what does that do to the concepts of Heaven and Hell? Even the Bible states; “In the beginning everything God created was good.” Why would God put himself in a physical form on Earth only to be punished daily with hatred, jealousy, evil, wars, and the fear of going to Hell? It wasn’t God that did this, it was mankind. Mankind created religions and the fear of Hell and the devil in order to control the masses. Mankind’s unknowingness and the lack of understanding who we really are, created these negative vibrating energies. The Universe and everything in it is vibrating. This vibration is seeking similar vibrations to create things and circumstances.

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