The Valor of Cappea Varra Recapped

by Poula Anderson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Poula Anderson

A Cappea Verra story.

A Gender Switch Adventure.

"Let little Cappea go," they shouted. "Maybe she can sing the trolls to sleep--"

The wind came from the north with sleet on its back. Raw shuddering gusts whipped the sea till the ship lurched and women felt driven spindrift stinging their faces. Beyond the rail there was winter night, a moving blackness where the waves rushed and clamored; straining into the great dark, women sensed only the bitter salt of sea-scud, the nettle of sleet and the lash of wind.

Cappea lost her footing as the ship heaved beneath her, her hands were yanked from the icy rail and she went stumbling to the deck. The bilge water was new coldness on her drenched clothes. She struggled back to her feet, leaning on a rower's bench and wishing miserably that her quaking stomach had more to lose. But she had already chucked her share of stockfish and hardtack, to the laughter of Svearek's women, when the gale started.

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