Heart Breakers of Hyperion

Tara Loughead

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Tara Loughead

Bulays and Ghaavn entered the Sanctorum Sanctorum of Lady Gerald, head of the Ministry and chief of the Spooky Spell Squad, as Bulays liked to put it. The interior of the suite held sumptuous leather furniture and a variety of antique pieces, along with a large open fireplace. None, however, were anywhere near as old as the unpleasant surprise that awaited them.

Seated with her arm draped along the back of a couch, legs elegantly crossed, was Emar, the Death Queen of Neptune. She was wearing tight white pants and an understated (for her at least) light green sleeveless top. Her green emerald pendant was tucked inside, out of sight. "Well, hell-ooo handsomes." The mirthful greeting she gave them was highly appreciative of the fit and muscular pair of newly arrived warriors.

"What the 'ell is she doing here, Lady G?" Bulays blurted out in surprise.

Gerald rubbed her temples with either hand, looking like her blonde bob had been containing the beginnings of a migraine all day.

"Actually, she's here to help, unlikely as you may find that."

"I rather do, actually," said Ghaavn.

"You wound me," Emar replied. "Come," she said patting the couch beside her. "Sit your gorgeous arses down next to me, and I shall explain."

"Politics, Ghaavn," apologised Gerald. "Believe me, I'd rather it not have come to this."

Ghaavn knew they had a history together, but he also couldn't noticing the occasional glance Gerald gave Emar, when it was not necessary for her to do so. The emerald fatale's fascination was not lost on his partner, either. Bulays had a little of the same problem as Gerald herself.

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