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"Politics is one thing, Lady G. Mass murdering sociopaths 'nother.'" Bulays said, not happy.

"Those deaths on Neptune are my fault, Bulays. Partly at least, anyway. Emar and the Council had an agreement. We broke it, after we had not heard from her in a long, long time. The blood of those people is on my hands, too." She paused to recover from the look of misery on her face, adjusting her glasses in the process to hide a tear. "Emar is a ruthless being, and annoying as all hell. She delights in being the spider waiting for prey. However, not once have we known her to break her word if it is given. That goes back to well before my occupancy of this office."

"If you say so, but I'm sittin' over here." Bulays was as good as her word.

Emar's laugh followed. "Ah well, anticipation and all that..."

Ghaavn decided he'd take one for the team, and sat down next to Emar, but out of reach. "We're waiting."

"Hyperion. Of which I am sure Bulays is familiar." Gerald began.

"Right. Basically one big tumbling brothel in orbit." She agreed.

"We have a mission!" Emar declared, rubbing her hands together gleefully. "Undercover!"

Ghaavn's eyes darkened, as even he was beginning to get annoyed. "You don't usually use the Ministry as an escort agency, Gerald. What is going on?"

"This is gettin' bizarre enough that I think I'd not be surprised if you told me shape shifters from another universe were stealing frozen heads."

"Very good darling! Buxom, with brains and biceps. The complete delightful package. Although it is more like aliens from outer space stealing bits of your women. But close enough for this sort of government work. Oh, bits of your women and rather all of your men." Emar managed to render them speechless.

"She's telling the truth," said Gerald. "There is more out there than just the Thaumoformers. We believe they are using Madame Khan's as a base. However, we are not sure how far it goes."

"What better place for the Karshi to hide? A low rent place full of substance abuse and depravity. No surprise if anyone goes missing after venturing there. Or surprised by how anyone looks, either." Emar went on, smiling like the cat that got the cream. "That can be used to our advantage, however." She filled Bulays and Ghaavn in about the rest of the scenario.

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