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Praise for Navigating 2012: Thriving in Earth's New Age

"Navigating 2012 draws together ancient philosophies and modern day science to bring today’s changes into clear perspective. Michael Smith has written this book not to scare us about 2012, but to enlighten us—mostly about ourselves. A born teacher with a creative mind and unique talent for revealing big patterns as well as small details, Smith lays out the basics on how we can catch the wave of energy coming toward us, and offers advanced techniques for mastering the ride. He generously uses examples from his own journey to connect with readers, and brings abstract concepts down to practical terms. This is a book for serious seekers, as well as those just beginning to walk a conscious path."
- Max Highstein, M.A., Author of Intuition Retreat


"Navigating 2012 offers a clear, concise, relevant distillation of the far reaching and often confusing subject of 2012. In a beautifully insightful and eloquent way, Dr. Michael Smith presents a wonderful blend of personal stories, cases, and profound wisdom throughout the book, with his own unique methods of balancing heart with mind to activate one’s own personal 'compass'. A great read for those who want to grasp and gain a deeper understanding about their role and thrive in this uncertain, yet amazing time in Earth’s history."
- Argus El’iam, Transformational Visionary Artist

"In Navigating 2012, Michael Smith masterfully blends story, humor, personal experiences, and universal spiritual principles to help us make sense of this unprecedented time of change. Practical exercises give readers tools for navigating the choppy waters of our "ascension" process into higher consciousness. This book inspires us, gives us hope,and leaves no doubt that our destiny is to live in a state of balance, fulfillment, and grace."
- Jayn Stewart, writer, healer, spiritual counselor

Navigating 2012:
Thriving In Earth's New Age

Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Michael R. Smith

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