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The Ten Critical Laws of Relationship

Relationships are immensely similar to banks - what you put in, is exactly what you can take out. However, when you apply these Ten Critical Laws, outlined masterfully by Dr. Robb Thompson, your personal account becomes interest bearing with no late fees. The Ten Critical Laws of Relationship provides Kingdom solutions and practical explanations for establishing Godly relationships for both men and women alike. You will see, your time invested in reading this outstanding literary work will yield large returns in your personal and professional relationships, but most of all with the fulfillment of your destiny.

Bishop Eddie L. Long, Senior Pastor, New Birth, Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Robb Thompson has an understanding of why relationships break down and how they can either be protected or restored. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to experience success with other people.

Dr. Bill Gothard, Founder and President

Institute In Basic Life Principles, Oak Brook, Illinois

Everyone who reads The Ten Critical Laws of Relationship will benefit and be inspired to examine both their motives and actions in all their relationships, but especially in those that are closest to them. This powerful treatise on interacting with others will help people understand the responsibility of present relationships, and weigh the cost of future ones, while refining the manner in which one treats others.

Tommy Barnett, Senior Pastor, Phoenix First Assembly of God, Phoenix, Arizona

The challenge of building long term mutually beneficial relationship crosses all cultural, sexual and age barriers, and now at last we have some usable, practicable principles that will reveal to us as we are, and show us how we can change for the better.

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