“When John Lennon asked us to 'imagine there is no religion' .... he didn’t mean 'no God'.

God is one. Religion is just a brand: 'Hindu' 'Muslim' 'Christian'.

Religions are answerable to God.”

What do God and religion have in common? Nothing! Religion needs the fear of God to stay in business, God needs nothing. Before you start accusing me of being anti-religious, I am not.

I am pro-God!

There are thousands of religions claiming that they are the TRUE religion of God. Yet, as far as I know God did not start any religion and neither did Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna or any other enlightened Lord.

Religions were started by man mostly in an attempt to try to explain God. When they realized they could not, it evolved into man’s desire to seek power and riches. How did these individuals seek to control the masses? They did this by inventing hell and the devil, and thus frightening people to obey a list of man-made rules. Most of the known religions were started thousands of years ago when mankind thought the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around the earth. Most of the population was uneducated, could not read or write and communication was very limited. Superstition was rampant and the population was very gullible. The High Priests and Rabbis were treated like Kings and their word became law.

Artists became the voice of communication and their versions of Heaven and Hell; God and the Devil are still hanging in museums all over the world. Stories of Angels, fallen Angels and God’s battle with Satan became the basis for the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and many other works that religion holds sacred as the “truth”. These works have many similar passages and also many that contradict the teachings of competitive religions. Many, if not all, claim that they are the “TRUE” religion of God and the others are false religions. Sounds like rhetoric of the two politicians running for the presidency. If you listen what they are saying we would be better off if we voted for Daffy Duck as president.

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