For the Love of Honey

by Mystah Smiff

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This book is a work of non-fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s observations and research.

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Edited by Lisa Daniels

For the Love of Honey

by Mystah Smiff


God, why did you have to make pussy so good? All it’s done for us guys—and some women—is drive us out of our damn minds. Yeah, I know sex is supposed to be a pleasant experience so that we as a species will continue to procreate, but I think you put a little too much “goody-good” in the coochie. Now, I’m not saying sexual intercourse should feel like putting your dick in a meat grinder, but as it stands, there have been times that would’ve come in handy for a lot of men.

How many times have you read about or heard about some fool-ass man ruining his life over a piece of ass? Too many times if you ask me. Throughout history the pursuit of the kitten has been the downfall of many, many great men.

You say you need an example? How about Adam and Eve? Some say it was the Devil disguised as a snake that tricked Eve into conning Adam to bite that apple.

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