James Rowe

A novel of mystery and intrigue based in New Zealand, This story takes the reader from the wilds of the New Zealand bush to the cosmopolitan life of Auckland and the islands of the Hauraki Gulf.

James Rowe has produced this book as his first attempt at assembling some of the stories from his own varied and adventurous lifestyle.

It incorporates many of his wide range of experiences into a readable novel that will interest and intrigue readers of all ages.

The characters and events in this book are all fictional and are not based on any particular happenings, although many of the locations where the story takes place are real.

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Copyright 2010 – James Rowe


The following people have contributed in no small part to the preparation of this story:

My wife Alison and our son Ian for their proofreading & comments.

Heather Mackay for her kind words of encouragement.

Donna who helped with aeronautical matters.

Alan Woods who provided valuable information on the diamond industry and regulations.

Gary Latham and the late John King gave their training and advice and encouraged me to become involved with Search and Rescue and emergency radio communications all those years ago.

Whatever is wrong in any part of this book, they are my errors.

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