Otters In Space:

The Search For Cat Havana


Mary E. Lowd

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2010 by Mary E. Lowd

* * * * *

For my husband, my mother, and my sister.

With special thanks to Felicia Day, Peter Watts, Ryan North, and Adam Young for The Guild, Blindsight, Dinosaur Comics, and Owl City, respectively.

* * * * *

Chapter 1

The bus stop sign and shelter were in front of a giant, white church. The Church of the First Race was an historical building, preserved from the time when humans still walked the Earth. It dwarfed the taller but smaller-scale high-rises around it. It was the oldest building in New LA. Kipper had been inside once and sat on the monstrous pews, but, like most cats, she didn't feel comfortable with First Race doctrine. It was a dog religion -- they preached that humans, the First Race, had left Earth as emissaries to the stars and would return to bring all the peoples of Earth into a confederation of interstellar sentience. Someday.

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