(Please note America is deliberately misspelled to be the same as Kafka’s spelling Amerika).

It was a day, much like the other days. Temporally speaking it did indeed follow on as much like the pattern of life. However there was a subtle difference. A strange people now ruled the day, a people of consumer slavery and obesity. These people now sought with their newfound dominance to shape the globe as they saw fit.

It began with fast food and ended with cholesterol. It saw the intelligence replaced with ritual purchasing of debt. Where the worth of a man is not measured by his courage or his soul but by the limits of his overdraft.

“Welcome to Amerika!” cried the soldiers of the world leader as they marched from country to country expanding their borders and helping to change those countries to additional states.

In Amerika a hierarchy is based on skin tone.

In Amerika plastic surgery is a higher and more respected job than a doctor.

In Amerika extremism, religious piety and the porn industry work together to debase the human experience’s effigy.

“For now you are free!” cried the soldiers.

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