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"Good idea."


Wing came down to interrupt, saying they had a visitor. "Oh?" said Ghaavn, towelling the sweat off his neck, as they cooled off after finishing. "Tell them we'll be right up."

The visitor had long raven hair, was wearing a black trenchcoat, and long black knee length boots. Loose around the neck region, an impressive cleavage was on display. "Looks like I arrived fifteen minutes too late. I could have cooled you down easily."

"Hannah!" said Ghaavn. "I'll kiss you after a shower."

"Go then,"" she shooed him out.

"Hello Bulays," Hannah said, in her oft-disquieting calm manner.

One thing Ghaavn did do, mused Bulays, was make her seem more human. "Hello Hannah. Welcome to our house. Can we get you wait. I have an idea, peace offering? You'll have to take the sweat, too, though."

"Go on," she replied calmly.

"You can really cool us down? If so, I'm willing."

"Of course, but I have to touch you."

Bulays acquiesced. Hannah took her hands, and leaned in, nuzzling her neck, lips fastening for a few seconds, kissing. "There."

Bulays felt her forehead, and arms. "Seems to have worked, thanks." She paused. "So do you know any werewolves?"

Hannah wrinkled her nose. "Much as your neck is nice, you definitely still need a shower."

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