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Whenever I think about my old life I can't help but realize how I squandered the gift I was given. I spent my time retreating from people, playing video games, watching internet porn and living off delivered pizza. It was a pointless way to live and I know that now. Yet I choose it and lived it happily.

Being a z-bee opened my eyes, made me realize that normal people where not the monsters I pictured them as. No they weren't but now I am. I'm an atrocity to nature and a predator to my prey. I am a z-bee, the cure for death, a fountain of youth that so many longed for. Yet this fountain of youth decomposes slowly while it lives. What a horrible twist to an ancient idea. How I wish I could end my undead life as this murderous mound of flesh.

The twist of fate is in death I am not alone. Far from it. I have Rosie, who has been very attached to me ever since she collected me from my 7-11 hideout. Then there is Juice, also known as the one eyed bandit since the shopping cart incident that claimed his eye. Jackel is the newest member of this group. He's far more decomposed than the rest of us and lacks his right hand and the left side of his face. He's literally falling apart and losing body parts daily. There are two other z-bees, a male and female, but they come and go as they please. I named them Hansel and Gretal since they are always together.

I have been a z-bee for at least a month now, I think. When you don't sleep time blends together and is hard to measure. My whole unlife, as I call it, has been spent outside a wal-mart that contains at least 6 fleshies, which is what I call living breathing humans. They murdered an infected human; he was going to join us. That was why we came to this place, not just for them but to collect our newest member. This murder of a z-bee changling has caused Rosie to become obsessed with revenge upon these fleshies.

One of these fleshies my body, uncontrolled by my mind since the change, craves more than any other flesh I have feasted upon. A pregnant woman, who kept me from having my unlife ended by another fleshie that shot me, is the source of this craving.

Yet I can't help but feel bad for these fleshies, even though my body isn't mine to control my mind is and I feel that tinge of human sympathy for them. Eventually they will either join us or be eaten alive instead of being changed. Seems like this will happen more sooner than later.

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