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This is EMC Roger Five I’ve got a PTP (Pediatric Trauma Patient) five years old coming in, ETA less than ten, over” said the second paramedic talking into his shoulder microphone.

“Roger that EMC-5” said the dispatcher.

They rushed little Bobby to the ambulance and locked the stretcher and attached life monitoring system to his little chest.

“Mommy, mommy” whimpered little Bobby as he was slowly responding to the IV and fresh oxygen.

“Bobby, Bobby!!!” cried out Carol as she stepped into ambulance reaching for his little hand. “Mommies here baby” she whispered “Mommies here”.

“I’ll follow you in the car” said Steve with his keys.

“Okay honey. He asked for me!” Carol said with a weak smile and tears running down her cheeks.

“Don’t worry honey he’ll be okay” said Steven walking backwards watching the doors close to the ambulance.

Traffic moved out of the way as the ambulance sped through town heading for the hospital. The paramedics rustled through equipment and medications as they worked in a calm pace over little Bobby. Carol could see Bobbies eyes peek up then close shut again.

“Is he going to be alright?” said Carol wiping the tears away trying to stay calm.

“We’re doing everything we can Mrs. Brooks. We have him stable now and the fever is slowly coming down.” Said the paramedic watching the monitor gauges holding a stethoscope on little Bobbies chest listening intently to his heart beat.

“Increase the oxygen to ten MPS” ordered the paramedic.

Steven was following close by watching the back of the ambulance intently. He could see the hospital a block away. “Hurry, hurry” whispered Steven to himself gripping the stirring wheel.

The ambulance pulled in to ER with tires squealing. The ER team was standing by outside as they opened the door and pulled out little Bobby.

“PTP, five years old, with a
Tachycardia pulse, fever stabilizing, one IV enroot” said the lead paramedic.

“Thanks. We got from here” said the attending ER doctor taking the IV bag from the paramedic.

“I am his mother Carol Brooks!” cried Carol looking at the ER team wheeling little Bobby through the sliding emergency doors then turning right towards the operating room.

“Right this way please. Is your husband coming?” asked the attending nurse.

“Yes he’s getting out the car now. There he is! Steven! Over here!” said Carol waving at him.

“Carol, go on inside I’ll be in shortly” said Steven running towards the ER doors.

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