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  2. Jun 28, 2009

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Playstation Phone? 3

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Third Time's the Charm 4

Plans for the Fourth of July 6

  1. Playstation Phone?

There has always been speculation about how blurry the lines between different devices could get, but now it seems like those lines are being removed. For example, the kids and I now rely more on my ipod for music and movies than the DVD or the VCR. And I will typically turn to the computer and the Internet for my entertainment.

The latest focus these days seems to be on smartphones. Apple's iPhone has become the standard to beat in the phone market, but who would have thought that it would compete in the game market as well? Now, Sony plans on developing a portable playstation system which would double as a

I am in support of converging separate devices into one, but we should be really careful about the functions we combine together. Do we really need a phone that doubles as a gaming system? I could say this seems like a bad idea, but then there was a time when a phone that doubled as a media player didn't seem like a good idea. Then, the iPhone was released and proved us all wrong.

But all of this convergence won't really for the better if we lose sight of one very important factor: quality. Will a "playstation phone" from Sony advance the development of the smartphone, or are we actually going to get a gaming system that just happens to also recieve and make phone calls? Despite the iPhone's popularity, there have been plenty of comments about its drawbacks which include its fragile screen.

My experience with the combinations of other devices have not been very positive. A few years ago, my wife and I got a combo DVD/VCR player for Christmas. We stopped using the VCR side a few months later after it began to eat tapes, so really there was no benefit to having a combo. How much does a malfunction in a smartphone impact its other functions?

I guess we'll have to see.

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