Tara Loughead

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Tara Loughead

A Bulays and Ghaavn Adventure

The Karshi Imperative Part 2

For Peter O’Donnell

"No snow monsters this time, I hope."

"No, there should only be flying blue aliens with laser beams," Ghaavn said with a slight smile. It will still be quite chilly, Bulays, I believe."

"What do they want with a small chunk of rock that calls itself a moon in Skathi?"

"That is what we need to find out. They appear to be steering clear of planets and basing their activity on moons."

"How do we know we haven't missed any of them so far?" Bulays asked, gearing up for cold weather combat.

"We don't," answered Ghaavn sombrely. "We probably have, given they were here before we knew about it."

"We're heading for The Tooth, then?" Bulays suggested, indicating the lump of rock to the north that sort of looked like a large upside-down canine.

"Yes, Mount Gladman."

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