“Yes. To San Fransisco, the city. And finally we will take the monorail to cross the campus grounds.” Romyana replied.

“Oh, I hope we don’t make any mistakes and get lost.” Nommi worried.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done it before. I’ve lived in this city for years. We won’t get lost.” Romyana reassured him. Then they were hailed with the message that the ship was only twenty minutes away from it’s destination and they were told to prepare to disembark. When ready they were invited to come to the bridge to see the approach to Earth on the view screen. So they left the mess-hall and returned to their quarters to get ready. Meanwhile Nommi continued the conversation.

“I am curious to see what your planet is like. It is blue, if you look at it from space, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes, it is. Hey, do you think the doctor won the Carrington award? He should be back about now.” Romyana remembered suddenly.

“Carrington award, why do you think of that all of a sudden? Anyway, I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything about it, though I am not really interested.” Nommi said.

“Oh.” Romyana said somewhat disappointed.

“So what is it with you and the medical officer?” Nommi asked teasingly.

“Who? Dr. Bashir. What do you mean?” Romyana asked.

“Well, you keep talking about him and you meet him every Thursday at Quark’s. Are you dating him?” Nommi provoked her.

“No, Nommi. How could you think that! He is an officer.” Romyana denied.

“It sure looks like it, from my point of view.” Nommi laughed.

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